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20Q came into being in 2005 and offered a breakthrough in 360° Leadership Diagnostics. We are now the leading provider of 360s to Teaching School Alliances in the UK.

But that's not all. Our Tools for CPD now include our Classroom-based feedback tool for teachers, our Personality Profiles tool to build strong teams and a range of Coaching Skills Resources.

We enjoy working with our partners to create the CPD tools just right for you.

Our Vision

Leadership pervades every area of life. When you work with an inspiring leader you feel inspired and motivated to do your best. When you work for a phoney, "David Brent" style character your motivation and enthusiasm drains away.

We are passionate about people realising their potential. For the leaders we work with, we want them to become the people they were born to be. For their team members, we want them to be led by self aware, authentic individuals with a realistic understanding of who they are, and how to be their best.

We believe that the simple yet profound tool that is 20Q can make a real difference to the satisfaction and sense of meaning of those working in any organisation where there are leadership roles.

We look forward to working with you.

Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson

Hello! I used to be a Headteacher and a Lead Facilitator for the National College of School Leadership.

I'm still a Coach, Facilitator and father to three great youngsters.

I became an entrepreneur so I could continue providing schools with the best CPD available.


  • Our children deserve great schools
  • Great schools need great teachers
  • Great teachers need great leadership
Sii Cockerill

Sii Cockerill

Sii Cockerill has been designing and developing for the web since 1996. He has over 7 years experience managing and mentoring other people and understands how self-awareness is key to being a good leader.

He now runs a Web Design Company in Somerset and joined 20Q to bring a fresh perspective to the design of the online Leadership Diagnostic Tool - making it easier to use and accessible to a much greater audience. He hopes that 20Q will grow to help leaders from all backgrounds.

Explore our Tools for CPD

Leadership 360°

Leadership 360°

Identify your strengths and areas for development

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Classroom 360°

Classroom 360°

Leverage student feedback to improve your lessons

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Personality Profiles

Personality Profiles

Understand yourself and your team better

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