Getting Started In Coaching

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Getting Started In Coaching

So, who are we?

We’re a small team headed up by Peter Pearson and Sii Cockerill (that's me - hello!). We're totally committed to helping professionals like you in all sorts of different ways.

Peter is a Headteacher turned Facilitator and Coach and I've been designing and developing digital experiences for over 20 years.

Together we make sure that our online tools are quick and easy to use and that they deliver the maximum value for those that use them.

Tools for CPD

Our Tools for CPD will help you:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Help others grow
  • Learn from feedback
  • Lead with integrity
Leadership 360°

Leadership 360°

For nearly 6 years, we've been providing teachers with 360° diagnostics - they are aimed at teachers in leadership positions (or training to be in them) who are seeking to become even more effective.

Our 360° Diagnostic - Leadership 360° - provides participants with invaluable feedback from the people they work with.

We work with teaching schools, academies and trusts across the UK and beyond. 1000s of teachers have already benefited from our selection of 360° Diagnostics!

But that's not all...

Classroom 360°

Classroom 360°

Would you like to improve your teaching by a notch or two? Our unique Classroom 360° allow you and your class to consider how well each aspect of their lessons is going - you'll find out if you both see things the same way or if you have entirely different opinions.

Completing a Class Diagnostic can be a fun ICT exercise for the whole class AND the answers your pupils give might surprise you.

Personality Profiles

Personality Profiles

We're all different - you already know that, but do you also know that there are patterns to our differences? Understanding those patterns - and how you and your team fit into them - can help you become a more effective team member (or team leader).

Our unique Personality Profile tool will give you a personalised 20-page report to help you grow in self awareness - and give you a better understanding of how the rest of your team click!