20Q Classroom 360°

Classroom 360°

Fine-tune your teaching with the most valuable feedback of all - from your students!

Conscientious teachers, like you, are asking themselves questions about their lessons all the time. They’re looking for feedback from wherever possible - student reactions, lesson observations and inspections and parental views, but now you can get feedback from those who matter the most.

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Gather feedback from students that can be turned into actionable insights

The changes that you make in your lessons - whether that be improving student buy in or altering the pace of your teaching - can lead to better grading as a teacher and more importantly, a better atmosphere for learning in the classroom.

Classroom 360° is ideal for use by teachers who strive to make their lessons more engaging.

Classroom 360°s give busy teachers the opportunity to find out how students are experiencing their lessons.

Such invaluable feedback helps you make the little tweaks to get better and better all the time. There are separate versions for all the main Secondary subjects as well as for Infant and Junior teachers.

Classroom 360° offers busy teachers a quick and easy-to-administer way to gather feedback from any group of students.

Classroom 360° Reports can provide evidence to Ofsted that a school is genuine about seeking student voice and also acts as useful evidence for performance management sessions.

How it works

First you score 20 statements as to how frequently certain things happen in your lessons. Next, you add email addresses to give to your students. They score the same statements and have the chance to suggest ways they would like their lessons to improve. When you are satisfied enough students have responded you can generate your report.

The first part of the report shows the comparison of your view of your lessons with that of your students. Next a series of carefully written pages encourage a process of reflection to draw out the underlying meanings and implications of the raw information. This process can be followed alone but can be even more powerful when worked through with an experienced coach or observer.

To use it multiple times, and to enable your colleagues to use it too it’s most economical for your school to acquire an Annual Licence.

The statements for Classroom 360°s were drawn up over a period of time in close consultation with a number of experienced teachers and Heads. They are already comprehensive but it could be that your school or academy chain has a particular focus you would like to see reflected. In that situation do get in touch so we can work with you to create something 100% suited to your needs.

  • Sign up and create your account
  • Purchase a Classroom 360° Licence
  • Choose your Classroom 360° subject and answer the 20 questions for yourself
  • Invite your students
  • Either provide a class with IT access OR ask them to complete their answers at home
  • When they’re all done, download your report!

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