20Q Leadership 360°

Leadership 360°

Gain valuable insights into how you are seen by the people around you.

Our 360° Leadership Diagnostics will help you appreciate your strengths, highlight your areas for development and improve the way you are able to interact with your colleagues, clients and even your friends.

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Leadership 360° is suitable for anyone working, or about to work, in some kind of a leadership position.

A 360° Diagnostic is ideal for use:

  • as part of a leadership course
  • at the start of a process of coaching
  • by an established leader who doesn’t want to become complacent

Increasingly schools have the responsibility for providing their own CPD. 360° diagnostics used to be complicated and expensive. Our 360° diagnostics break the mould - Leadership 360° is straightforward and affordable.

Leadership 360° is designed to help answer the question “Where am I now?”

The engine of a 360° diagnostic is the questionnaire. You answer a set of questions as a form of self review and then ask those you work with to answer the same questions about you from their point of view. Your scores and your rater scores are compared in order to generate a report.

Your report will allow you to immediately see:

  • Where your view and that of your colleagues is exactly the same
  • Where there are differences - which is where it gets interesting!

How to get the most out of Leadership 360°

The organisations that get best value out of our 360° diagnostics provide a supportive environment that recognises that we are all learners.

  • Each report contains detailed guidance on how best to interpret it
  • Leadership 360° is designed to be as clear as possible and the services of an ‘expert’ are not required to understand it
  • Participants should be encouraged to talk through their reports with a supportive colleague or a coach

Leadership 360° is more than a questionnaire

With Leadership 360° you have the confidence of knowing your data is secure, you don’t need any special software, it works on all devices (including tablets and smartphones), and it takes the minimum amount of admin time. In the very rare occurrence of a technical hitch our helpdesk will put things right in hours.

The Report

Written by experienced coaches, all our reports contain a number of pages which encourage a process of reflection that can be worked through independently, as part of facilitated process or in a coaching session.

The Interpreting the Information section begins the process of reflection into what the results mean. Spaces are provided to record Initial Responses and Further Reflections, while The Way Forward and Broader Considerations encourage consideration of all the main leadership areas. Finally there is an Action Plan to ensure the learning generated is channeled into a course of action that leads to lasting change.

Which Leadership 360° is right for my organisation?

NCTL Leadership 360°

The National College style reports are much longer (around 40 pages), and contain a page of information about each leadership competency measured. A four point scale shows where behaviours are matching national expectations and there are similar reflective pages to the Original reports.

  • 4-point scale
  • 40 pages

Original Leadership 360°

The Original 360° is designed for those who want to move on quickly to the learning part of the report. All the main areas of leadership are stated in very clear statements and a 6 point scale ensures that the exceptional is differentiated from the good and very good. The reports are typically 20 pages long and they are ideal for busy school leaders who want the maximum learning in the minimum time.

  • 6-point scale makes it easy to differentiate the exceptional from the good and very good
  • 20-page concise Report is ideal for busy school leaders who want the maximum learning in the minimum time

From September 2017 20Q will offer a completely new set of diagnostics to meet the requirements of the new National Professional Qualifications for Middle Leaders, Senior Leaders, Headteachers and Executive Headteachers.

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