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"it gives you good indicators/starters to embark on your leadership journey "
NPQSL, Leadership 360° ~ 5 days ago
"It gave me a valuable insight into what I feel my strengths are and how I am perceived by others so that I can work on those areas of leadership that require development."
NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 1 week ago
"Quick and easy with regular updates when someone else had completed "
NPQSL, Leadership 360° ~ 4 weeks ago
"Convenient resource, useful feedback and data."
NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 4 weeks ago
"It helps me to see myself from the point of view of others, particularly regarding workload. "
Andrea Gray NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 1 month ago
"The comparison between my own reflections and that of my raters over a year long period. "
NPQSL, Leadership 360° ~ 1 month ago
"Easy to use"
NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 1 month ago
"Its been a good reflective process and its good to get the students view of what happens in the teaching environment. I can use this data to adapt the way I teach and look to changing my style of teaching to meet the needs of the learners in each class."
Chris Diver BIS Class, Classroom 360° ~ 1 month ago
"All questions are related to Teaching & Learning . It is good for me to look back my self"
Mai Le BIS Class, Classroom 360° ~ 1 month ago
"It provides excellent feedback and comparisons between questions answered by myself and those who I invited to answer the questions.."
NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 1 month ago
"Helped identify areas I need to work on and areas that are strengths. Given me a focus"
NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 1 month ago
"Easy to use and set up. A lot of information feedback gained in short time. Useful tool for reflection and celebration of things going well."
BIS Class, Classroom 360° ~ 1 month ago
"Very easy to use for myself and nominated raters. Really interesting to see detailed analysis and very thorough questions Thank you"
NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 1 month ago
"The information was useful."
NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 2 months ago
"it has given me an opportunity to evaluate my own practise and gain valuable feedback from my peers and seniors on my leadership practise."
NPQSL, Leadership 360° ~ 2 months ago
"Each part of the report is broken down to help me to develop into a better middle leader. I can clearly focus on areas and it was helpful to look at feedback about what others think are my strengths or weaknesses."
Hazel Fitzsimons NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 2 months ago
"Easy to use and provides ratings on all Headship qualities and relates it clearly to the NPQH assignment/course. Easy to see how many people have replied and when you should download your report. It will certainly help when working through the modules and provide a great baseline upon which to develop. Many thanks."
NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 2 months ago
"This is always a useful process and very easy to follow. First time I've used this with pupils; provided some great reflection and affirmation as well."
Chris Barnes English Class, Classroom 360° ~ 2 months ago
"A quick and efficient way of collecting and collating feedback. "
Ben Myers NPQSL, Leadership 360° ~ 2 months ago
"overall a really well set out and easy to navigate site. style of report also easy to follow and so easy to evaluate the results. thank you."
jabila khan NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 2 months ago
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