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"Really insightful. I like the layout of the PDF report and the reflection questions it prompts. "
Sian Davies BIS Class < Autumn 2020, Classroom 360° ~ 2 years ago
"I thought it was a very useful document to help me focus more on my strengths rather than weaknesses. Many thanks Sharon"
Sharon McKeown NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 2 years ago
"Very straightforward to complete the form. Easy to add and check on raters. Good to be able to remind raters with another email."
Helen Rhodes NPQSL, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"It was really easy to use and analyse the responses."
Nicola Young NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"It is an excellent tool to use to reflect on your own practice. It also provides the opportunity for insight into how the selected raters see you in your role . "
Gainor Patch NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"Very easy to use and imformative."
Stewart Murdoch NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"Great experience and reflective exercise"
Simon Underwood NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"Useful tool - clearly presented and explained. "
Sam Atkinson NPQEL, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"Simple to access, clear to read and complete. "
Sarah Watson NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"I found the report extremely insightful. It was very interesting to see the difference between where I consider myself compared to others regarding my leadership skills. Definitely have plenty of room to grow and hope that the leadership course I have enrolled on helps me to do so."
Liam Cobley NPQML, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"It was so valuable to receive the feedback of my colleagues who I work with everyday. The affirmation of what I thought i did well and needed to work on was very positive for me. "
Nicola Collins NPQH, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"Very easy to navigate my way through the procedure and my raters were able to access it easily as well- the findings and their explanations were also clear and detailed. The whole experience was clear and professional"
Katharine Sexton NPQEL, Leadership 360° ~ 3 years ago
"Very accurate report created and really simple to complete. Great tool to help find strengths, weaknesses and character traits. "
Richard Robinson Personality Profiles ~ 3 years ago

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